Far from done


“It was 20 years ago today!! Not really, but 20 years and 7 days ago I played the first show of my first ever European tour. We, Refused of course, drive from Umeå straight to Prague. It took at least two days. We showed up 10 minutes before we were supposed to go on. Today I am back here w @invsn who just happen to play our 100th show in exactly a year. So plenty of celebration tonight. Time flies and it feels absurd that I’ve been touring for 20 years straight now. But, I still love every second of it and it is a privilege to still be doing this. So thanks to everyone that put up with me all these years. I am far from done (…)”

Foto i comentari evocadors: Dennis Lyxzén, el de Refused (usurpats de diferents entrades del seu Instagram). Far from done com a concepte biogràfic que traspassa els artificis del temps. Com a emblema.

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