Aquest dissabte el mite hardcore Manliftingbanner torna a Barcelona (si no m’equivoco, l’última va ser el 99 a Garatge). Records, amics, comunisme, tupa-tupa. I aquí el què Dennis Lyxzén de Refused opina sobre Manliftingbanner:

You said that music got you into politics. Which bands are responsible for that?
Before I learned about hardcore I found out about punk. Bands like The Clash and Dead Kennedys got me interested in left wing politics. But it wasn’t till I found out about Born Against and most importantly ManLiftingBanner that I really became more political myself. Especially ManLiftingBanner was a big influence to Refused, most people don’t seem to know that. But to hear of a European straight edge band with communist ideas, that was so inspiring to us. That really fuelled me and the other guys to do a band as well.



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